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Mojza Mola Mushkil Kusha 36.pdf gardori




Apr 4, 2021 This beautiful application has been designed for every Muslim. It contains Mojza of Mola Ali Mushkil Kusha. The prominent features of this app . citiem veda 3270ae90a.jar A: There are a couple of things I would like to point out in this code block: $("#mob-w").click(function () { document.getElementById("mob-w").disabled = true; document.getElementById("mob-w").setAttribute("aria-disabled", "true"); }); $("#mob-b").click(function () { document.getElementById("mob-b").disabled = true; document.getElementById("mob-b").setAttribute("aria-disabled", "true"); }); $("#mob-o").click(function () { document.getElementById("mob-o").disabled = true; document.getElementById("mob-o").setAttribute("aria-disabled", "true"); }); You have event handlers that are referencing elements with an ID. I think this is causing the code to run twice, or something like that. To fix this, create a variable and change its ID to something else. $("#mob-w").click(function () { document.getElementById("btn-w").disabled = true; document.getElementById("btn-w").setAttribute("aria-




Mojza Mola Mushkil Kusha 36.pdf gardori

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